Get started the right way


Do it right the first time

There are many ways to approach creating a mural. Mural Rescue helps in the early stages too. On top of finding a space and everything else you need to do, you'll probably want your work of art to last. We can make recommendations that can extend the life your mural.


The process of creating a mural can be arduous. Finding a site. Getting approvals from building owners. Working with city officials. Submitting bids. Choosing the best paint. We've been working with public art and the associated governing municipalities for years. Think of us as a resource in the early stages of your project. 


If the base layer of your mural isn't in tip-top shape when you begin, your mural won't last. We can review your site to ensure the surface you're working with is solid and ready to go. Then we can also suggest the best types of paints for the surface you're working with. Ask us, we can probably help!