Murals enhance a neighborhood's appeal


The Universal Appeal of Public Art

Communities all over the world praise murals and public art for positively impacting livability and overall neighborhood satisfaction. Closer to home, the Portland, Oregon metro governing body, TriMet, says "public art helps create a sense of place and adds to the quality of life for the citizens of our region."  In fact, other municipalities feel the same:

Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia has the Association for Public Art which encourages, commissions and preserves pubic art.

Los angeles, CA.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) supports a program called Social and Public Art Resource Center or SPARC which was inspired by the legacy of Los Angeles’ murals. In 2013 the city passed a city-wide mural ordinance in which funding was designated by the City of Los Angeles for new mural production and the restoration of city-sponsored fine art murals. 

Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver, British Columbia's public art program invites artists to join and offers tours of their prized murals and outdoor art.

Atlanta, GA.

The Atlanta Regional Public Art Program provides matching funding through a competitive grant process to help communities install public art across the 10 County Metro Atlanta Region. The art  celebrates each community’s unique identity while symbolizing the commonalities of the region.